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How long will it take me to get into shape??

This question is one i get a lot. I will try to answer best i can and give you some possible scenarios.

Suppose you are currently healthy and you have been physically active for few years. You were athletic and strong with low body fat and generally a very fit person. You lived the good life for few years. During that time, you used good nutrition suitable for your physical sporting activities and you recovered well. You were living a low-stress life. You were thriving and doing great, physically.

For some reason, you stopped for six months to a year or more. You have been following a sedentary life of office desk, poor sleeping habits, and using substandard or bad nutrition. You are living a high-stress lifestyle.

If that is the case with you, then it will take about 6 months to a year before you can compare your self to the early stages of your previous fitness condition. It takes time and focus on Nutrition, Sleeping and Training the Sports to get you started back into Fitness.

I suggest you go back to drawing board and start all over again.

If you are absent from your physical activities less than six months, then within few weeks to a couple of months you can see a major improvement with your mobility, strength, stamina. It takes time based on nutrition, recovery and how you train.

For example, I had to stop weightlifting to attend to a small injury. This break from weightlifting lasted about 2 months. When I went back to start the usual training, I was struggling with the same usual weights and the usual intensity. I had to start back again from a safe position of light weight and gradual increase of time under tension. I clearly lost some strength and power in addition to flexibility and stamina. I also gained about 5-pounds of fat.

4 months later, I am in full swing and making progress every time I train. I can tell by my numbers on the major lifts. I have lost the extra body fat (I am much leaner) and I am on my way to make more progress. I had to tweak my nutrition and add more recovery time to catch up!

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